Apprenticeships at Bostonair

Meet our former and current apprentices!

Over 95% of our apprentices move into permanent positions after finishing their qualifications with us. Find out what our past apprentices (and current employees) have to say about us and their experience.


Current Apprenticeship:  Marketing Apprenticeship

Why did you pick this apprenticeship / Bostonair?

Starting in the hospitality industry, I’d always wanted to start a career in digital marketing and design but at 24 years old I didn’t want to commit myself to a long university course, so I looked for other options where I could learn and gain real experience in the industry at the same time.
Bostonair’s UK head office is local to me and is well-known in the area for it’s global business and career opportunities. After a recommendation to apply for their apprentice scheme it felt like a no-brainer. Despite my age (which was a concern for me)  Bostonair were keen to get me on board and embedded into the business as soon as possible, everyone is unbelievably welcoming and devoted to helping me progress into my career.

How is your apprenticeship helping you progress into your role?

The apprenticeship is fantastic, after only a few months I’ve already learnt so much about the industry – both from the course but also the practicalities of applying my new knowledge to a real business. Bostonair has given me the opportunity to not just get involved, but also organise all sorts of exciting projects for the business, including visiting the companies other offices and stations around the world! I’m excited for what the future holds for me & my career,  and grateful Bostonair has given me the skills and experience.

Any advice for people looking at taking the apprenticeship route?

If you’re thinking about it, don’t – just do it!



Current Apprenticeship: Business Administration

Why did you pick this apprenticeship / Bostonair?

After speaking with Oliver at Boston Energy, I had a trial shift at the Beverley office. The overall feel of the office, the friendly staff and the positive recommendations from Apprenticeship programmes (such as HBTC) really sold it to me and it blew my other options out of the water.

How is your apprenticeship helping you progress into your role?

The apprenticeship is giving me the necessary knowledge to become more adept with differing computer software such as excel and google spreadsheets, whilst also teaching me the fundamentals of a business and key terminology which I am finding useful in a professional, real-life situation.

What do you like most about your apprentice?

The simplicity of which the lessons are delivered in is probably the best thing about it. The way the lessons are structured makes it easy to follow and any tasks that are required are made very easy and clear, and there’s always help and advice if I need it from both the team and the apprentice programme.




Apprentice Role: Finance Apprentice

Current Role: Aviation Management Accountant

Why did you pick this apprenticeship with Bostonair?

After falling short on the grade requirements for my chosen University I explored other alternate options to step towards becoming a fully qualified accountant, my end goal.

An apprenticeship offered the opportunity to complete my AAT, required to begin the full qualifications whilst gaining live work experience.

This route ended up allowing me to qualify faster than if I had gone to university, whilst also allowing me to get additional experience and get paid, rather than inheriting a student loan.

How did your apprenticeship help you progress into your current role?

The qualification I got through my apprenticeship gave the required skills & knowledge to continue to change roles in the organisation and develop within the business.

This constant movement and progression ended up supporting my learning outside the organisation and is ultimately what helped me pass my exams. The nature of learning outside the business and then getting to apply the skills day-to-day works very well in harmony.

 What did you like most about your time as an apprentice?

Gaining a wide range of experience in a real-life setting helped mature me both in a professional and non-professional context. I got to work with a wide range of people from various professional backgrounds, rather than just in the smaller context of a Finance department. I have made a lot of life-long friends in this organisation, both inside and outside my team.

What advice would you give to young people thinking about starting an apprenticeship at Bostonair?

To come with an open mind and a willingness to learn. It is a challenging environment at times, but the business is very supportive and will help people who want to develop reach their full potential. They will encourage and support your personal growth throughout your career.


Apprentice Role:
Finance Apprentice

Current Role:
Payroll Coordinator

Can you tell us a bit about your apprenticeship and how it helped you progress onto your current role?

I started at Bostonair after I’d finished my A-levels, not sure what I was hoping to do for a career, but I knew working for a good company with a background in finance would set me up well for whatever I decided. I chose an apprenticeship that would offer AAT (Accounting qualifications) and somewhere I believed would offer me good opportunity for progression, Bostonair has done just that for me. After gaining valuable apprentice experience, given good levels of responsibility and challenging tasks, I soon became interested in the payroll side of the business (we operate payrolls all over the world, which is what initially drew me towards my specific path), and moved off my apprenticeship into my current full-time role of payroll Co-ordinator. We have an expanding payroll team so the initial experience I gained as an apprentice has given me a good standing in being able to train and support other members of our team. The knowledge I have acquired over the last 3 years has allowed me to co-ordinate payrolls all over the world, including Germany, USA, Canada and more- the list is only growing!

Any advice for young people looking at taking the apprenticeship route?

Choose a company that you know will offer you valuable experience, this is what sets you aside from those with degree’s and makes you more competitive after your apprenticeship.


Apprentice Role:
Administration Apprentice

Current Role:
Deputy Online training Manager and IT Coordinator

Can you tell us a bit about your apprenticeship and how it helped you progress onto your current role?

“I started with Bostonair in August 2014, straight after finishing my A-Levels at Sixth Form. I didn’t exactly know what I wanted when I left college so I decided to look into various apprenticeship schemes. I had a chat with an advisor at East Riding College who mentioned Bostonair and how much of a good reputation the Company had when it came to apprenticeships so they sent over my CV to Bostonair, as well as to another company. The two interviews were polar opposites and I could tell that Bostonair had the proper experience when it came to handling/employing apprentices so it was the clear choice in my mind.

Only weeks into my position I was given the role of coordinating the entire business’ IT, on top of my admin role. This responsibility enabled me to gain project management and other technical skills from an early start – which have greatly assisted in progressing my career here at Boston. I now manage our successful online training business, and still coordinate the IT for our ever-growing Group of companies.”

Any advice for young people looking at taking the apprenticeship route?

Do your research: look for a company with a proven track record of training apprentices; read up on the roles; don’t rush.


Apprentice Role: Administrative Apprentice

Current Role: Quality Assistant and Auditor

Can you tell us about your apprenticeship and how it prepared you for your current role?

“I started working for the company in May 2018 and I chose Bostonair as it stood out to me when looking on job advertising sites. I had a big interest in starting a career within an office based administrative environment and what the company had to offer was intriguing to me.

Whilst working as an apprentice, I developed a vast number of skills, some of these include communication, team working, strategic thinking and problem solving, these skills I can now apply to my current role within the company.

I was fortunate enough to be awarded with the Apprentice of the Year for a small business award in February 2020 for my work as an apprentice within Bostonair which I would say is a big highlight of my career so far. As well as this, I have managed to complete my apprenticeship earlier than expected and find myself a position within our Line Maintenance Quality department which I have found interesting. The apprenticeship prepared me for this by showing me varying communicative methods as well as different ways to maintain documents which I have now been able to apply into the real world through my auditing role.”

Any advice for young people looking at taking the apprenticeship route?

No matter what age, the thought of doing an apprenticeship where you must learn and work alongside each other is daunting.

From personal experience, my best advice would be to always persevere. Keep going until you see the finish line and in the end the results will be very rewarding.

Not only will you be rewarded with a qualification, but you will also have gained the hands on practical experience required in the business sector through your own work as well as through the conversations and lessons taught by your colleagues.


Apprenticeship role: Administration Apprentice – Aviation & Energy (Business Admin L2)

Current role: Group QHSE Manager

Can you tell us a bit about your apprenticeship and how it helped you progress onto your current role?

It gave me the basic organisational, communication and people skills that have allowed me to progress. Apprenticeships may seem like the ‘easy option’ but you can learn fundamental skills that you’ll always need in any office based role. My apprenticeship at Boston gave me a broad range of experiences across the business that helped me to understand my strengths & weaknesses and what aspect of the business & job role I enjoyed more than others which in turn helped me make the decisions about what I wanted to do with my career.

 Any advice for young people looking at taking the apprenticeship route?

Do as much as you can, take on challenges and don’t turn your nose up at the simple tasks, everything is worthwhile experience and knowledge you can use when you progress through your career.