Did You Know Bostonair Offer Type Training to Suit You?

17th April 2020

All courses can be customised and delivered to meet our clients’ requirements at their location. With an ever-growing list of approvals, we are always happy to look at any additions to satisfy client needs.

We currently hold 147 approval for:

  • A300-600 B1 & B2 (PW4000 & GE CF6)
  • A318/319/320/321 B1 & B2 (CFM56)
  • A319/320/321 B1 & B2 (V2500)
  • A330-200/300 B1 & B2 (RR TRENT 700)
  • B737 – 600/700/800/900  B1 & B2 (CFM56)
  • B737 – 7/8/9 (CFM LEAP 1-B)
  • B757-200/300 B1/B2 (RR RB211 & PW2000)


Coming Soon:

  • A319/320/321 B1 & B2 (CFM LEAP-1A)
  • B777-200/300 B1 & B2 (GE90)


Synchronous Distance Learning option for Theoretical Type Training Coming Soon.


We have added Q3/Q4 type courses to our course calendar!

A300-600 B1/B2 Theory & Practical (PW4000/CF6-80)
Start date: 07/09/2020
Location: Leipzig, Germany

B737NG B1/B2 Theory & Practical (CFM56)
Start date: 05/10/2020
Location: Doncaster, UK

A330 B1/B2 Differences from A320 Theory & Practical (RR Trent 700)
Start date: 26/10/2020
Location: Leipzig, Germany

If you’re interested in any of the above courses, please email enquiries@bostonairtraining.com

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