Human Factors

An introduction to Human Factors; exploring the implications of error, organisational safety culture, procedures, safety policy, human limitations and methods of communication in the aviation work place. Human Factors is a mandatory requirement for all EASA Part 145 approved organisations as outlined in EASA145.A.30 (e) National Authorities 10 Part Programme.

Human Factors


To give students a general introduction of Human Factors in the aviation industry and cover all the essential information needed to satisfy the requirements of EASA145.A.30 (e).


The course will give students an understanding of the subject and improve safety standards in the industry whilst maintaining compliance.

This course will:

  • Explain the need to take human factors into account and identify the limits of human performance.
  • Explain the social, psychological and physical conditions that affect human performance.
  • Explain how types of work tasks and communications affect human performance in the workplace.
  • Explain how human error and hazards in the workplace lead to accidents and how these can be avoided.
  • Explore what employers and employees can do to work together to improve safety and responsibility.
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