The purpose of this course is to provide guidance on the implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS). It has been developed to give sufficient understanding of SMS concepts and the development of management policies and processes to implement and maintain an effective SMS.



To provide students with an overview of what a Safety Management System is, how an organisation should form one and the responsibilities of management and staff all have in order to promote and maintain a culture of safety within an organisation.

The UK CAA states that ‘A safety management system is a systematic and proactive approach for managing safety risks. As with all management systems, SMS includes goal setting, planning, and measuring performance. An effective safety management system is woven in to the fabric of an organisation. It becomes part of the culture; the way people do their jobs’.


Provides the students with all the key information required when considering safety management systems within an organisation.

This course will:

The course includes the following:

  • Management Systems Overview.
  • Why an SMS is required and its components.
  • Safety Policy and Objectives.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment.
  • Hazard analysis.
  • Investigating occurrences.
  • Safety Assurance.
  • Monitoring Performance.
  • Safety Promotion.
  • Communication, training and education.
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