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We pride ourselves on our family culture and our recruitment teams, based in the UK, Ireland, and Germany, are dedicated to supporting you in the field. Across the Group at any one time, we employ more than 450 permanent and temporary staff.

Bostonair has high levels of staff retention, and a number of our engineers have worked for the organisation for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on how we treat all our staff – no matter the location they work at and we have a European Relationship Manager within our team to support our engineers’ requirements and welfare needs.

  • Investment in people 
  • Long-term partnerships
  • Job opportunities to match your skillset
  • Engineer support
  • Aviation non-office staff incentive scheme







Why choose Bostonair?

Investment in People

We believe that people are not just a commodity to fill a short-term gap, and we endeavour to help and support you with any training needs that are required. We are committed to working with the best people for a long period of time.

Long-Term Partnerships

We employ engineers that have worked with us for long periods of time, with a number working for us well over 10 years. When it comes to the engineers we employ, Bostonair mirrors our philosophy of working for our customers for the long-term and strategically with our approach to them. Customers have got to know the high-quality personnel we provide them with and regularly ask by name for engineers to return to them year in year out, which is why we want to work with the best people for the long term.

Job Opportunities to Match your Skillset

Bostonair ensure that the opportunities we provide will match your skillsets. We offer a limited 2-year OJT programme in our Leipzig Part 145 operation, in which we give B1 or B2 licenced engineers (without a type rating on their licence) a chance to develop their skills. They will work with highly experienced Bostonair licenced engineers on a day-to-day basis and we also provide candidates with two type training courses to add to their licence. These benefits both the engineer and the client, as we can offer more maintenance support on the customer’s fleet types whilst the engineer can earn more income by adding types to their licence.

Engineer Support

One of the key Bostonair USP’s and differences with other recruitment agencies is the time, care, dedication, and attention we give to all our aircraft engineers and maintenance staff. Our recruitment teams liaise closely with each engineer on topics such as accommodation, airport passes, flights and hire cars. Bostonair also provide support “on the ground” via our European Relationship team, who visit engineers at each base or site and ensure their welfare is catered for and have the requisite PPE/workwear for the job.


Bostonair are always on the lookout for the industry’s best engineers. We run an ongoing non-office staff incentive scheme, in which existing staff can recommend someone they know and if Bostonair hire and place this person they will receive a reward. Further details available on the downloadable flyer below.